About Sand Cherry Associates

Sand Cherry Associates is a business and market strategy consultancy working in the broadband, telecommunications, and media industries. Named after the Western Sand Cherry, a resilient flowering shrub that can endure drastic changes in environment, Sand Cherry Associates offers services aimed at increasing its clients’ operational abilities in rapidly changing, competitive circumstances.


Sand Cherry Associates helps clients navigate strategic growth opportunities with four areas of practice, each with its own set of specialized programs. These include business and competitive strategy, marketing and new product development, customer and business operations, and sales channel strategy and optimization. In order to harness increasing international opportunities, Sand Cherry Associates opened its European office in Budapest in 2007. The European office handles sales and distribution channels development for leading European wireless providers, as well as online content and network-based services strategies for leading broadband services providers.


Additionally, Sand Cherry Associates provides reinforcement for new and ongoing programming services as well as project launch support. Sand Cherry Associates promotes new sales channel opportunities in the European market with a team of professionals who have extensive and diverse work backgrounds with some of the largest companies in the industry. Sand Cherry Associates’ European office is headed by industry veterans with more than 25 years of working experience in business strategy and operations, as well as marketing, sales, and program distribution in the US and Europe.


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